Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Want to Move a Lot of Your Landscape with You to a New Home? 3 Tips for Making This Happen

by Alberto Williams

Packing up the items inside your home is one of the essential steps of moving to a new home. This generally involves collecting a large number of bags and boxes to put everything small inside, and then you protect the furniture and oversized items with pads and bubble wrap. The standard moving checklist usually does not discuss anything about taking some plants or small trees along for the ride. So, you might think that it is impossible and that you will have to start over from scratch. But, it is possible, and with the right methods, you can get bring everything that you want without causing permanent damage to your plants.

Move During an Optimal Time

Trying to move in the middle of summer or winter is going to be problematic for most plants. These are the months when the temperatures are the most extreme. If you are moving a long distance, you do not want to traverse through climates that could cause your plants to get sick or die. So, the ideal moving times are early on in spring or autumn, which is when you will experience the mildest weather. This step will naturally give your plants the greatest chance to survive through the move.

Rely on Professional Help

Although you may be experienced with keeping your plants alive in the garden, you should leave the transplanting process to professional movers who have worked on moving plants many times before. Moving plants or trees requires delicate care because you need to avoid damaging the vital roots. You may also not be capable of moving a huge plant or tree by yourself without hurting yourself. If a plant is disrupted enough after it has been removed from its original location, it may not make it through the trip. So, making the decision to use a capable moving team is your best bet for plant survival.

Stock Up on Garden Pots

Whether you are taking plants out of the ground or a planter bed, they need to go into a pot afterward. So, you will need to stock up on a large number of pots to house all of your plants for the drive. Although you have a lot of material options to choose from, metal is an optimal choice. It is a durable material, and since it does not weigh as much as ceramic, concrete, or terracotta, there is less of a chance for the pot to move with the movements of the truck and to smash against other objects that are stowed away. The minimal weight will also make them easier to maneuver and keep the total moving weight down.

Making use of these tips will ensure a smooth transition to a new home for your plants.


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Relocating My Family

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