Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Getting The Most Out Of Bulk Shopping With A Self-Storage Unit

by Alberto Williams

One of the biggest challenges with buying in bulk is figuring out where you will store everything you buy. Unless you have room in your house for all those jumbo rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, warehouse club shopping might not sound like the best idea. However, you can maximize your storage space and take advantage of great deals when you find them by renting a self-storage unit from a local storage company. Here are just a few ways you can organize and store your items so you get the most out of your bulk shopping experience.

Choose A Climate-Controlled Unit

Whether you will be storing extra bottles of shampoo and soap or a variety of canned goods, having a climate-controlled unit can help to ensure your items stay in usable condition. Be sure to ask what the average temperature is inside the unit, and ask whether or not you can have the temperature adjusted to meet your needs.

Use Pest Control

Even in the best storage facilities, there is a chance that ants, insects, and other pests can get into your unit. They may crawl through the opening beneath the door, or larger pests may chew through walls. If you'll be storing foods in your unit, consider placing ant and mouse traps near the door and in the corners of the storage unit. Also, be sure to store boxes and cans of food off of the ground to make them harder to access.

Create An Organizational System

You don't just want to throw bags of merchandise in the unit to deal with later. Instead, put an organizational system in place. For non-perishable foods, use a "last in, first out" approach so none of the items are likely to expire. Load new items onto the back of your shelves, pushing items with shorter expiration dates to the front. Use plastic bins to organize non-food items by their type. For instance, soaps and shampoos can go in one container, and laundry soaps and dryer sheets might go in another. Label each container to make it easy to find items. You might also want to keep a few empty containers in the unit so you can fill them with items you are ready to take home with you.

Once you have your storage unit rented and ready for your bulk shopping items, be prepared to make a trip to the self-storage facility after each shopping trip. This will prevent items from piling up in your home, and it will allow you to get more items your family needs while keeping them neatly organized. Check out the sites on this topic.


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Relocating My Family

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