Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Moving With Kids? 3 Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid

by Alberto Williams

As a parent, you have seen your fair share of meltdowns and fit-throwing, and this is something that will occur when you have to relocate. However, if it is something that has to be done, such as for a new job, then here are three mistakes that you will want to avoid with your children:

1. Failing to Inform Your Kids You're Moving and Why

Some parents choose not to even tell their kids that the family is moving, while others wait until the very last minute to let their children know – and even then they don't tell them why. The reason behind all of this is that they think that they are eliminating some of the stress and emotional heartbreak; however, kids are smarter than you think and will often figure it all out on their own.

In the end, it is better on everyone to simply get the family together and explain what is going on and why. During this time, depending on their age, the children will likely have lots of questions about the new house, if they'll get to bring their toys, whether they'll see their friends ever again, etc. Make sure to be honest, patient and affectionate, as this won't be easy on them and they will look to you for guidance and to ease their worries.

2. Thinking That Your Kids Can Actually Pack Up Their Own Rooms

While there is nothing wrong with giving your kids a box to help pack up some of their toys and belongings, you cannot assume that they can pack up their entire rooms. After all, there are likely some breakable and valuable items in their rooms that are much safer in your hands than theirs. So, at some point or another, especially if you have little children, you are going to need to send them off to grandma and grandpa's, a friend's house or even the babysitter's so that you can tackle their rooms.

3. Assuming You Can Do Everything On Your Own with No Help

While it would be great if you were super mom or super dad, it's not usually the case. More often than not, it's going to be difficult to take care of the kids and pack the moving truck all at the same time. So it may make sense to hire a local moving company to take some of the stress out of your life and make the overall transition a bit smoother for you. This will allow you to focus on what's most important – your kids. Contact a company like Modern Movers, Inc. for help.


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Relocating My Family

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