Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

In A Rush To Move? Tips For Handling Fragile Items

by Alberto Williams

When you are in a rush to move out of your current place, a big concern will be making sure that fragile items are protected. While large and durable items will be easy to move without breaking them, like tools, books, or furniture, there are other items that need more consideration for how they are packed. This includes lamps, artwork, dishes, and glasses. These tips can help you move quickly without breaking anything.

Separate Your Fragile Items For Self-Handling

You may have hired a moving company, but anything that you have that is particularly fragile should just be handled on your own. Start by separating items that you want to monitor closely during your move. Put them to the side, preferably in a corner of a room, and let your movers know that you'll take care of those items.

Now is also the time to purge fragile items that you do not want anymore. By throwing them away or donating them, it is one less concern about something breaking during a hectic move.

Be sure to clearly mark any boxes so that it is known that the contents are fragile. This will prevent anybody from accidentally handling the box roughly. It helps to purchase some large stickers that say fragile on them, and put them on the boxes.

Use Old Clothing or Blankets For Padding

You can never have enough padding when handling fragile items. When the move is happening quickly, you may not have time to gather all the correct moving items that you need. Thankfully, you can use items around your home as packing material.

Use clothing and blankets that you have in the home to wrap up those fragile items. The more padding things have, the less likely something is to break. The goal should be to pack a box tightly so that your packing material is filled to the top of the box. If there is a gap between the top of the box and the packing material, the box could potentially collapse under the weight of other boxes. That's why it helps to take clothing and just stuff boxes when you are in a pinch.

Avoid using your regular newspaper for packing. The ink on the paper can rub off on your china during the move, causing an ugly stain.

For more tips on handling fragile items, speak with your moving company prior to your moving day.


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