Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Moving To A New Home? 4 Things You Should Always Remember To Bring Along

by Alberto Williams

If you're in the process of moving, you're probably prepared for all the major items you'll have to put on your to-do list – such as packing, turning your utilities off/on, etc. However, you might not be prepared for the little incidentals that accompany the moving process. It's those little incidentals that can make or break the move – like remembering your keys or forgetting them at your old house. When packing for your move, here are four things you should remember.

Your Cleaning Supplies

Once you're done cleaning your old house, you're probably going to pack away your cleaning supplies. That's fine, but don't forget what box you pack them in. You might have left your old house nice and clean for the new owners, but that doesn't mean the previous owners returned the favor. Be prepared to give your new home a quick once-over by labeling the box you've packed your cleaning supplies in. This will ensure that you don't have to waste valuable time digging through all your boxes while you're trying to clean the kitchen.

Snacks for the Kids

If you've got kids, chances are that they're going to get tired and hungry during the moving process. Keep your kids satisfied by packing a box of snacks for them.  Be sure to add a few beverages such as juice pouches or bottled water. Your kids will be able to grab their own favorite snacks while you take care of the packing and unpacking. If you're going to be busy during lunch, pack a few sack lunches and place those in the box as well. This will buy you a few hours of uninterrupted time before you need to stop work for dinner.

Your Tool Kit

If you've had to take furniture apart to move, don't forget where you put your tool kit. You don't want to have to search for your tools, while you're trying to put your furniture back together – especially if your kids can't go to bed in your new home until you get the beds put back together.

Once you've finished taking your furniture apart in your old house, place your tool kit in your car. This will ensure that you have it with you when you arrive at your new home. If you're using a moving company. Have the movers place the tool kit in the truck last. That way, it will be the first thing that's taken off the truck.

A First Aid Kit

You never know when you're going to get hurt while you're unpacking at your new home. To make sure that you're prepared for those little accidents, pack a small first aid kit. This will ensure that you're ready to take care of any small cuts or scrapes that might occur.

Now that you're preparing to move into your new home, use this list to prepare yourself for those little issues that might pop up. Talk to a moving company like A Best Movers Inc about other ways to prepare for your impending move. 


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Relocating My Family

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