Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Storage Tips for Materials from Your Pottery Studio

by Alberto Williams

If you own a small pottery studio and are going to be moving it across town to a larger facility in the next few months, temporarily store equipment, clay, and tools inside of a rental unit by implementing the following tips. As a result, your possessions will remain damage free, and you will be able to locate items without needing to sift through an extensive amount of materials.

Place Large Pieces of Equipment on Pallets That Are Labeled

Place large pieces of equipment, such as a pottery wheel, kiln, or piece of machinery on top of a pallet that is lying flat inside of the storage unit that you have rented. Use a permanent marker and adhesive labels to write a brief description of each piece that is being stored. Affix the labels to the sides of the pallet. Cover the pieces of equipment with drop cloths or tarps. Secure the covers by tying them down with rope or twine.  

Store Clay in Airtight Containers

Store slabs of clay inside of plastic storage bags that have been vacuum sealed or inside of durable bins that have matching lids. If you opt to use vacuum-sealed bags, you may need to connect a small vacuum-cleaner hose to a specific part of each bag in order to eliminate air. Once you are finished, label the outside of each bag and place the bags inside of a larger container that has a lid so that you do not lose any of the bags.

If you choose to forego the vacuum-sealed bags, make sure that each container of clay is sealed before placing you place it in a storage unit. Moisture or sunlight will not dry out clay as long as it is covered sufficiently. Plastic wrap or a standard freezer bag can be used to wrap clay before placing it inside of a larger container that contains a lid. 

Place Tools Inside of Drawers That Are Part of a Cabinet

Purchase a large cabinet that has drawers installed in it. Sort through tools that you use to carve clay items or add finishing touches to pieces, such as paint, paintbrushes, and glaze. Place a specific type of material inside of each drawer. Create a list of the location of the items and store it in a safe spot inside of your home. Once you move the equipment to the new location where you will operate your studio from, refer to the list in order to find items that are needed in order to complete a project.

Check out facilities such as Route 37 Self-Storage to find a storage company that is right for you. 


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Relocating My Family

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