Relocating My Family

Relocating My Family

Don't Forego A Moving Company Because Of Cost; It May Save You Money

by Alberto Williams

Whether you are moving across the street, across town, or across the country, it can be an expensive undertaking. You may think you have budgeted to the penny and do not have any money to hire a moving company. However, before you decide against it, stop and look at the budget and where you are spending money on the move. You may find that by making a few changes you can hire the movers and save yourself the heavy work.

Moving Vehicle

Unless you and some friends have trucks, you are going to need to rent some type of moving vehicle. In addition to the rental fee, there will be a fee for the miles you put on the truck. In addition, you will still have to pay for the fuel used while you have the vehicle. Consider how many trips it would take for your truck and how much the fuel will cost versus the cost of renting a truck that can make the move in one trip. You may find that renting a big moving truck will save you money.

Missed Work

You will want to be there when the movers are packing and unpacking the truck. However, professional movers will get the job done much faster than you and your family will. They can get everything moved in one day, where it may have taken you and friends or family two or even three days to get it all done. In addition, while the movers are working, you can be busy cleaning up the old house and unpacking at the new house. Make sure you consider how much money you will lose on the wages you could have been making if the move was done much quicker.


If you hire a moving company, the cost of labor will be included in the quote for the move. If you rent a truck or use your own, you will either need to hire laborers or use friends. Paying for laborers is tricky because you will need to estimate yourself how long the move is going to take to determine how much they will cost. This could end up being quite expensive if you have a lot to move or the laborers are on the slow side. You might think that offering to pay for the beer, food, and other drinks for your friends helping you move is a deal. However, how fast can you and friends really get the job done? You might end up having your friends around for one day and then having to finish the move by yourself or hiring help anyway.

When all is said and done, you might find that hiring a moving company will not hurt your moving budget. You may even save some money. Either way, it will not hurt to contact a couple of companies and get some quotes. While you are at it, ask around about the cost for laborers and find out which friends will be available for the whole move. A moving company might look better with each new bit of information.

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Relocating My Family

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